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Activity patterns of Node 42

We provide a collection of heatmaps describing Node42’s activity pattern in each experiment covered in our compendium. Each experiment was named by its ArrayExpress ID. The activity values in each dataset were mean-centered and the complete range of node activities was used to generate the color range.

We can see that Node 42’s activity does not change in some experiments such as E-GEOD-14253 (the small range of the color key indicates that Node 42’s activity does not vary across samples), while it varies significantly in others (such as E-GEOD-17179, in which the magnitude of activity change is > 30). In some experiments, Node 42’s activity varies across samples but not between experimental groups, suggesting sample-to-sample differences.

Select an experiment to view activity heatmap. To download, right click experiment and save as, or open link in new tab.

Anr This is the validation experiment we performed in which P.aeruginosa wild type and anr mutant cells were grown as microcolonies on CF airway epithelial cell monolayers. Node 42 clearly reflects the activity of Anr. E-GEOD-10030 E-GEOD-10065 E-GEOD-10362 E-GEOD-10604 E-GEOD-11544 E-GEOD-12207 E-GEOD-12678 E-GEOD-13252 E-GEOD-13326 E-GEOD-13871 E-GEOD-14253 E-GEOD-15697 E-GEOD-16970 E-GEOD-17179 E-GEOD-17296 E-GEOD-18594 E-GEOD-21508 E-GEOD-21704 E-GEOD-21966 E-GEOD-22164 E-GEOD-22665 E-GEOD-22684 E-GEOD-22999 E-GEOD-23007 E-GEOD-23367 E-GEOD-24036 E-GEOD-24038 E-GEOD-24262 E-GEOD-2430 E-GEOD-24784 E-GEOD-25128 E-GEOD-25129 E-GEOD-25130 E-GEOD-25481 E-GEOD-25595 E-GEOD-25945 E-GEOD-26142 E-GEOD-26931 E-GEOD-26932 E-GEOD-27674 E-GEOD-28194 E-GEOD-28719 E-GEOD-28953 E-GEOD-29665 E-GEOD-29789 E-GEOD-29879 E-GEOD-29946 E-GEOD-30021 E-GEOD-30967 E-GEOD-31227 E-GEOD-32032 E-GEOD-33160 E-GEOD-33188 E-GEOD-33241 E-GEOD-33244 E-GEOD-33245 E-GEOD-33275 E-GEOD-33871 E-GEOD-34141 E-GEOD-34762 E-GEOD-34836 E-GEOD-35248 E-GEOD-35286 E-GEOD-35632 E-GEOD-36647 E-GEOD-36753 E-GEOD-39044 E-GEOD-4026 E-GEOD-40461 E-GEOD-41926 E-GEOD-43641 E-GEOD-45695 E-GEOD-46603 E-GEOD-47173 E-GEOD-48429 E-GEOD-48587 E-GEOD-48982 E-GEOD-49759 E-GEOD-51076 E-GEOD-51409 E-GEOD-52445 E-GEOD-6741 E-GEOD-6769 E-GEOD-7266 E-GEOD-7704 E-GEOD-7968 E-GEOD-8083 E-GEOD-8408 E-GEOD-9255 E-GEOD-9592 E-GEOD-9621 E-GEOD-9657 E-GEOD-9926 E-GEOD-9989 E-GEOD-9991 E-MEXP-1051 E-MEXP-1183 E-MEXP-1591 E-MEXP-2396 E-MEXP-2593 E-MEXP-2606 E-MEXP-2812 E-MEXP-2867 E-MEXP-3117 E-MEXP-3459 E-MEXP-3764 E-MEXP-3970 E-MEXP-87 E-MTAB-1381