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Differential node activities

We also provide a collection of heatmaps showing each node’s activity pattern in each experiment covered in our compendium. An experiment may be analyzed through nodes that are differentially active between cases and controls. To clearly visualize the differences in node activity, each node’s activity was adjusted by subtracting the node’s mininum activity in one experiment. Heatmaps were hierarchically clustered and the color key was automatically generated based on the range of activity differences.

Select an experiment to view activity heatmap. To download, right click experiment and save as, or open link in new tab.

PAO1vsPA14 This is the genome hybridization experiment we performed to identify strain-specific nodes (Figure 3A in the paper). Anr This is the validation experiment we performed in which P.aeruginosa wild type and anr mutant cells were grown as microcolonies on CF airway epithelial cell monolayers. In addition to Node 42, we observed that deletion of anr impacted many other nodes, consistent with the obervation that Anr impacts the direct and indirect expression of many pathways in surface associated cells (Hammond et al., 2015). E-GEOD-10030 E-GEOD-10065 E-GEOD-10362 E-GEOD-10604 E-GEOD-11544 E-GEOD-12207 E-GEOD-12678 E-GEOD-13252 E-GEOD-13326 E-GEOD-13871 E-GEOD-14253 E-GEOD-15697 E-GEOD-16970 E-GEOD-17179 E-GEOD-17296 E-GEOD-18594 E-GEOD-21508 E-GEOD-21704 E-GEOD-21966 E-GEOD-22164 E-GEOD-22665 E-GEOD-22684 E-GEOD-22999 E-GEOD-23007 E-GEOD-23367 E-GEOD-24036 E-GEOD-24038 E-GEOD-24262 E-GEOD-2430 E-GEOD-24784 E-GEOD-25128 E-GEOD-25129 E-GEOD-25130 E-GEOD-25481 E-GEOD-25595 E-GEOD-25945 E-GEOD-26142 E-GEOD-26931 E-GEOD-26932 E-GEOD-27674 E-GEOD-28194 E-GEOD-28719 E-GEOD-28953 E-GEOD-29665 E-GEOD-29789 E-GEOD-29879 E-GEOD-29946 E-GEOD-30021 E-GEOD-30967 E-GEOD-31227 E-GEOD-32032 E-GEOD-33160 E-GEOD-33188 E-GEOD-33241 E-GEOD-33244 E-GEOD-33245 E-GEOD-33275 E-GEOD-33871 E-GEOD-34141 E-GEOD-34762 E-GEOD-34836 E-GEOD-35248 E-GEOD-35286 E-GEOD-35632 E-GEOD-36647 E-GEOD-36753 E-GEOD-39044 E-GEOD-4026 E-GEOD-40461 E-GEOD-41926 E-GEOD-43641 E-GEOD-45695 E-GEOD-46603 E-GEOD-47173 E-GEOD-48429 E-GEOD-48587 E-GEOD-48982 E-GEOD-49759 E-GEOD-51076 E-GEOD-51409 E-GEOD-52445 E-GEOD-6741 E-GEOD-6769 E-GEOD-7266 E-GEOD-7704 E-GEOD-7968 E-GEOD-8083 E-GEOD-8408 E-GEOD-9255 E-GEOD-9592 E-GEOD-9621 E-GEOD-9657 E-GEOD-9926 E-GEOD-9989 E-GEOD-9991 E-MEXP-1051 E-MEXP-1183 E-MEXP-1591 E-MEXP-2396 E-MEXP-2593 E-MEXP-2606 E-MEXP-2812 E-MEXP-2867 E-MEXP-3117 E-MEXP-3459 E-MEXP-3764 E-MEXP-3970 E-MEXP-87 E-MTAB-1381